Letter from the Chairman and Directors: Buy a Brick Scheme

A message to all supporters who purchased “Buy a Brick”

 The idea came about when the Club were approached by Councillor Graham Leadbitter to give up a strip of land behind the South East wall running parallel with Borough Briggs Road.  The wall would be demolished and the council would fund the building of a new wall to allow the path to be made wider for pedestrian safety.  The Club agreed with idea as it improved both access to the ground and spectator safety entering and exiting onto Borough Briggs Road.

 The Club were led to believe the procedure would be relatively straight forward and we decided to use the new wall as a fund raising effort to display bricks purchased by supporters.  Unfortunately, the planning regarding a wall associated with a stadium is significantly more complex and lengthy than standard planning.   

In hind sight we were probably unwise to start the “Buy a Brick” before the procedure was completed but that is where we are.

 I believe the planning application is going ahead and the wall will be built but I understand your frustration at the delay, which is outside the clubs control.  However, if for some reason the new outside wall does not go ahead the bricks will be placed on another prominent wall. 

For those supporters who have purchased a brick if you wish to take a refund please come into the Club and it will be done.

 Again, I can only apologise for the delay.

Graham Tatters

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