U17 Player Graduated from Scottish FA Performance School

Congratulations to our U17s youth player David Wilson for graduating from the Scottish FA Performance School on Saturday down at Hampden Park. He is pictured with the National team manager Gordon Strachan and SFA performance director Brian McClair. David and his family show a great commitment to the Club and to football with travelling in from their home in Aberdeen each week. David joined the club last season (2015/16) after a long spell in Aberdeen FC’s youth academy. As part of the Scottish FA’s Performance Strategy, seven schools throughout the country have been operating the programme to develop the cream of Scotland’s talented young footballers. Every year, each school will take a number of the most talented under-12 players in their region – both boys and girls – and provide extra coaching sessions during the curriculum focusing on skills development. Over a four-year period, this will provide the most talented young footballers throughout the country with an extra 800 hours of coaching. A series of football festivals involving senior clubs, scouting reports, club reports and selection days will help the performance team to identify the best players eligible for each school. Scottish FA Performance Director, Brian McClair said: “In partnership with the clubs, the Regional Performance Schools have increased the opportunities for young players to practice the fundamental elements of our national game, all in a safe, enthusiastic and enjoyable environment that encourages and supports diligence, discipline and creativity.” – source Scottish FA.

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