1. Best player played with?
    Best player I’ve played with, due to where he is now, has to be Andy Robertson. At Elgin, Best player at Elgin is a tough one, but would have to say Brian Cameron. Very rarely has a poor game and is as good doing the defensive work as he is going forward
  2. Best player played against?
    Best player I’ve played against is probably David Goodwillie or Kyle Lafferty. Physically I felt I could match them, but some of the movement they made was a nightmare to defend against.
  3. Favourite stadium played at?
    It’s hard not to say your national stadium in Hampden, however I would have to say Dens Park for the result we got earlier this season. Not had many feelings like that in football when the final whistle went.
  4. Least favourite stadium?
    Tough, but probably Ainslie park where Edinburgh City play. The driest Astro I have ever played on and it takes a couple days for my knee and legs to recover from.
  5. Best football moment?
    Either winning the Scottish cup at under 14s in my youth days or beating Dundee away as massive underdogs earlier this season.
  6. Worst football moment?
    Breaking my leg at under 17s when trying to push on to senior football. Took me a year and a half before I returned to pro youth football which probably halted me playing at a higher level at that age.
  7. Who is your Football idol?
    As a kid it was Henrik Larsson, childhood hero. In today’s game? Virgil Van Dijk. He should be the goal for and centre half wanting to make it professional.
  8. Favourite food/restaurant?
    Fillet steak from Hawksmoor. Unrivalled.
  9. Best bit of football advice/from who?
    “Don’t try and be someone you’re not, do what you’re good at and that will make you a better player in the long run” – My Dad.
  10. Favourite Manager you have worked under?
    Jim Weir and Gavin Price have been excellent for my development at Elgin.

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