1. Best player played with?
    Shane Sutherland
  2. Best player played against?
    Nicky Clark
  3. Favourite stadium played at?
    Dunfermline, even though we got battered 6-0 in the group stages of the league cup
  4. Least favourite stadium?
    Cliftonhill, but I did score a hattrick there if anybody didn’t know… can you add the photo of me aswell
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5. Best football moment?
Finishing 2nd in the league and scoring that hattrick at Cliftonhill (did I mention that)

6. Worst football moment?
Getting beat 5-4 in a Scottish Cup replay by Boness after being 3-0 up and then drawing 4-4

7. Who is your Football idol?

8. Favourite food/restaurant?
Elgin Kebab House

9. Best bit of football advice/from who?
Jim Weir turning me into a Centre Half

10. Favourite Manager you have worked under?
Jim Weir

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