1. Best player played with?
    Best player I’ve played with is Ryan Christie, from a young age he was always the standout and has proved it now week in week out playing at the highest level.
    At Elgin, we’ve had a good few stand outs, obviously Shane and Soapy are right up there. I’d add Thomas Reilly in there too he was great to play alongside.
  2. Best player played against?
    Toughest opponent would be Ryan Gauld, he used to run rings round boys – no one could get near him
  3. Favourite stadium played at?
    Favourite stadium would be St James Park, Newcastle’s ground against England
  4. Least favourite stadium?
    Would have to be Albion Rover’s – the changing rooms are tighter than Tam McHale’s wallet… always seems to be horrific weather when we are there too.
  5. Best football moment?
    Making my full debut for Inverness would be right up there in my best moments, was lucky enough to play a few times. In terms of Elgin I think reaching the play offs was a great year for us after struggling the previous couple of seasons and beating Dundee in the cup this year.
  6. Worst football moment?
    Breaking my leg a couple of weeks before I was due to start pre-season in my first year with Aberdeen, got me off to a terrible start and struggled to recover.
  7. Who is your Football idol?
    Steven Gerrard
  8. Favourite food/restaurant?
    Italian food usually, Amarone in Aberdeen
  9. Best bit of football advice?
    I always remember being told stay away from females and drink 😂 should’ve listened…
  10. Favourite Manager you have worked under?
    There’s been a few good managers Terry Butcher was great to learn from, but you wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. My school coach Stewart Neilson at Banff probably taught me the most growing up though.
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