1. Best player played with?
    Liam Boyce, I only really trained with him, but he was class
    At Elgin, Of course it must be Shane – different gravy for us this Season
  2. Best player played against?
    Gary Mackay-Steven in a reserve game against Celtic… very quick and skilful
  3. Favourite stadium played at?
    Always good to play at Hampden (v Queen’s Park) but it’s a weird atmosphere without all the fans
  4. Least favourite stadium?
    Arbroath… it’s always rainy and the wind machine is on
  5. Best football moment?
    Winning three development league trophies with Ross County
  6. Worst football moment?
    Getting released from full-time football and having no idea what to do next
  7. Who is your Football idol?
  8. Favourite food/restaurant?
    Café 1 in Inverness, steak is unbelievable
  9. Best bit of football advice/from who?
    It would be from my Dad, he told me “Keep positive and work hard even when things aren’t going your way”
  10. Favourite Manager you have worked under?
    Couldn’t pick one in particular

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