1. Best player played with?
Best player I’ve played with would be between Ryan Gauld and Andy Robertson, Andy probably.
At Elgin, I would say its between Shane and Brian this season, but I’ll give it to Shane for what he’s done for the team with the goals he’s scored and not taking any of his tantrums that he’s famous for

2. Best player played against?

Best player I’ve played against would be James Forrest or Scott Sinclair

3. Favourite stadium played at?
Celtic Park

4. Least favourite stadium?
Definitely Annan away, worst stadium and trip easily

5. Best football moment?
Making my debut for Dundee United against St Mirren

6. Worst football moment?
Getting relegated for Brechin on the last game of the season

7. Football idol?
I don’t know about idols, but I watched Brechin when I was young so I would say Chris Templeman or Charlie King

8. Favourite food/restaurant?
Italian is my favourite, restaurant in Dundee called piccolo is the best about

9. Best bit of football advice/from who?
“Keep your lows high and your highs low” from Stevie Campbell after getting sent off in the reserve derby, only three days after making my SPL debut

10. Favourite Manager you have worked under?
Been a good few managers, I would say Jackie MacNamara being one, because he gave me my first team deal and taught me a lot. Then, John Coughlin at Berwick Rangers – he was a great manager too

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