Unacceptable Behaviour

Revised Rules for Ground Safety and Behaviour

Elgin City Football Club has a duty to ensure that its players, officials, supporters and any other person connected with the club does not engage in any conduct deemed unacceptable under these rules. This applies both on the occasion of an official match at our home stadium or at official away matches played by the Club. It also includes the content of postings on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The definition of unacceptable conduct covers conduct which is violent and/or disorderly.

Violent conduct includes:-

1. Actual, attempted or threatened violence against a person or persons.

2. Intentional damage to property

Disorderly conduct includes:-

1. Conduct which is designed to stir up or sustain hatred or ill will against a group of persons based on their membership or presumed membership of the following categories of defined groups :-

Female or Male gender

Colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national group

Membership of a religious group or a group with a perceived religious affiliation

Sexual orientation

Transgender identity


2. The use of threatening, abusive or insulting words

3. The display of written or other visual material which is threatening, abusive or insulting.

Elgin City Football Club accepts its responsibility under these rules and will not tolerate any behaviour deemed unacceptable in these rules.

Any Elgin City official, employee or other person connected with the Club who engages in such behaviour will be dealt with under the Club’s internal disciplinary procedures.

Any supporter who engages in such behaviour will be liable for sanctions imposed by the Club which could include withdrawal of season ticket, exclusion from future Elgin City matches or in the event of serious and/or persistent offending, an application being made towards obtaining a football banning order.

Supporter safety is a key priority for all Clubs, we at  Elgin City Football Club are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that the match day experience is safe and enjoyable.  One of the most dangerous things we have to deal with is pyrotechnic articles such as smoke bombs and flares in the stadium and we’d ask that you assist us to look after you by not bringing such articles with you to matches.  These articles can cause severe burns, damage to hearing or breathing difficulties and their use is especially distressing for groups such as small children and those who can’t easily move away when pyrotechnics are activated.  Experience shows that when a pyrotechnic is activated in a crowd there is often a movement away from the immediate area which can cause panic and disorientation and which creates a risk of slips and trips or crushing for those nearby.  Please be in no doubt that these articles are unpleasant and potentially life-threatening to be around – they are also illegal at football matches –  and being caught with them will result in exclusion from Elgin City Football Club as well as a possible criminal conviction. 


Revised April 2018

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